Updated February 3, 2012

New IGI Global Book

Technologies in Urban and Spatial Planning:

Virtual Cities and Territories


IGI Global, a leading international publisher of books and highly ranked scientific journals on technology and all its applications to the various fields of human activities, is publishing a new edited book “Technologies in urban and spatial planning: Virtual cities and territories”.

This book aims to present the state-of-the-art of the development and application of all kinds of new virtual technologies based on the use of hardware and software developed to represent and simulate virtual environments, built spaces, and buildings, and the interactions of these new technological solutions with policy making and design.

Four main editorial objectives were drawn for the project:

 To publish a high quality handbook that presents a comprehensive and detailed overview about the use of new technologies in urban and spatial planning and architecture;

 To provide solid information that supports the use of these new technologies for assisting design and decision making;

 To formulate a rationale that grounds the theory already devised on these topics;

 To present, through case study applications, the use of these new technologies and innovative methods based on them.


The Call is closed.

Abstracts are no longer accepted.


The Editors

Nuno Norte Pinto, José António Tenedório, António Pais Antunes and Josep Roca

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